Educating Employees about Benefits

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Employers are responsible for educating their employees about the health coverage options they offer. Employees have the right to receive clearly presented health and benefit information and assistance reading health materials, if needed. More specifically, employers are responsible for informing employees of: What benefits are covered in the offered health plan(s) Cost-sharing requirements and arrangements Procedures for resolving complaints and … Read More

Employee Satisfaction: Additional Perks that Help Keep Employees Happy

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Chances are, you want your employees to be happy. A happy employee means that they are more driven and productive, which translates to increased revenue for your business. That’s why it’s vital for you to make sure your employees stay motivated, productive and, well, happy. For your employees, they will be much more excited to get out of bed each … Read More

How to Build a Competitive Employee Benefit Package

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Most business owners know that success starts with the people you hire. And attracting today’s top talent requires creative, comprehensive benefits. With the right employee benefits package, you can not only recruit the cream of the crop employees, but you’ll also retain the talent you already have. The Framework of an Employee Benefits Package That Wins In the most general … Read More

Do FSAs or HSAs Work Better for Your Employees?

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It’s no question that a comprehensive benefits package is necessary to recruit and retain top talent, complete with medical coverage and offering flexible hours. However, one of the more surprising elements of a benefits package involves benefit cost management. Today, employers can offer medical savings type of accounts (like an FSA or HSA) to help with qualified out of pocket … Read More

Questions for Choosing the Right Employee Benefits Consultant

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With rising health care costs and the increasing need for comprehensive benefits packages, finding a qualified employee benefits consultant is more crucial than ever. Your benefits broker can make or break your employee benefits plan. After all, the benefits you offer can directly impact: Employee health Who you hire Overall employee productivity Your workplace culture Choosing the right person to … Read More

How Your Georgia Business Can Retain Employees and Compete for Top Talent

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When you’re competing against large corporations in your space, recruiting and retaining the most qualified workers can be a challenge. But before you get too down in the dumps (or even worse, give up entirely), you may want to consider changing your perspective by focusing on and pitching the assets your company has to offer. By highlighting the benefits that … Read More

Why Employee Benefits Matter

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No matter how big or small a business is, employee benefits are a valuable resource as your company grows. Done right, employee benefits enable you to attract and keep more employees, ensure your team is happy and healthy, and maintain a positive workplace culture. Why Employee Benefits Are So Important Not all companies are required to offer employee benefits, yet … Read More Your Georgia Employee Benefits Partner and Broker

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A stand out employee benefits package is key to recruiting and retaining exceptional employees, which is the foundation for any successful business. provides employers in the Atlanta, GA area with an affordable, easy-to-use online benefits store. stands apart from other Georgia employee benefits consultants and brokers in a myriad of ways. Here are some of the main reasons … Read More