5-10 Employees

In recent years, you’ve probably watched insurance costs go up and benefits go down. But now, through Shop Benefits, you have a new alternative.

Under the Affordable Care Act – often called ACA or Obamacare – businesses with 50 or fewer full-time equivalent employees are not required to offer group health insurance. If your business has at least two W-2 employees, you could choose to offer group or individual products.

There are two types of plans that employers can offer:

Community-Rated Plans Do not require employees to provide medical information. However, in some cases, we have found that these cases are sometimes the most expensive.

Level-Funded Plans have been very competitive lately. They do require employees to provide health information and if the group is healthy overall, the cost difference my be surprising.

Our experts will show you which option is best for you.

11-50 Employees

Your needs are unique, and no company is alike. Our process starts with you in mind, and we strive to understand your unique situation and then work on saving your business time and money, while offering your employees the power of choice. Having choices empowers employees to select the plans that make sense to them for their particular needs and budget.

Employers also enjoy our custom-built technology system to use for hiring and termination processing, benefits management, payroll reporting, intra-office communication, and employee management.

Community-Rated and Level-Funded plans are also available in this segment.

51+ Employees

The typical broker wants to provide a quote. While insurance is a must buy for employers, it is critical to understand both your company’s needs and those of your employees. We start our process with you in mind, before we start talking about insurance.

Sure, cost is very important, but not having a plan is costly as well. We work with you to determine where you are, establish a game plan then then we work on the benefits.

Shop Benefits will offer your business quality, flexibility, choice, and value.