Employee Benefits: How HSAs Benefit Your Business

Healthcare Savings Acount

With health care costs continuing to rise, it is more important than ever for organizations to craft and carefully plan an employee benefits strategy. Integrating HSA-eligible plans (typically QHDHPs) with health savings accounts (HSAs) offers distinct cost benefits, not only for your employees but for your business as well. But according to a recent CDHP Enrollment & Usage Trends Report, … Read More

Deep Work

“Deep work” is a trendy buzzword swirling around the productivity conversation. But what is it? Deep work is someone’s ability to work in a state of peak concentration and focus for a long period of time without interruption. Cal Newport, a computer science professor at Georgetown University, coined the term and suggests that one could stop using all forms of … Read More

Productivity Tips for Hybrid Workers

Hybrid work is a big departure from the traditional work arrangement. Switching between two workplaces may be a change, but it doesn’t need to cause your productivity to decline. Here are some tips to consider that may help boost your productivity as a hybrid employee. Maximize Your Schedule. Home and office environments are different. Plan tasks based on where you’ll … Read More

The Value of a Primary Care

Many people only think about going to the doctor’s office when they get sick or injured. However, even the healthiest adults need routine health care. Primary care is meant to be your main point for health care services, addressing most of your health needs throughout your lifetime. For that reason, primary care incorporates several different kinds of health care services, … Read More

Protecting against Phone Scams

Every year, people report fraud, identity theft and bad business practices to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and law enforcement partners. According to FTC data, more than 2.8 million people reported fraud in 2021, and 1 in 4 said they also lost money. The median loss in scams that start with a call is $1,200, higher than any other contact … Read More

Educating Employees about Benefits

group of businesspeople

Employers are responsible for educating their employees about the health coverage options they offer. Employees have the right to receive clearly presented health and benefit information and assistance reading health materials, if needed. More specifically, employers are responsible for informing employees of: What benefits are covered in the offered health plan(s) Cost-sharing requirements and arrangements Procedures for resolving complaints and … Read More

BenefitsPro Q & A Featuring Al

Earlier this month, the editor in chief of Benefits Pro sat down with Al for a candid interview. Al talks about how he got started in the insurance business, and how things have changed along the way. He discusses his philosophy and strengths, some of the opportunities he sees coming along and why he enjoys the benefits industry. Al speaks … Read More